Magazine Analysis #2: Salon


I think the magazine is aimed at the ages of 20-30, with some college and interest in left-wing politics.  There is a wide range of ads that are geared to the audience. For example, there was a cluster of advertisements that featured things like “The New Line Up of SUVs,” then “Here Are the Most (and Least) Liberal Cities in the USA. Another ad featured was a prolia ad which is an injection to help improve bone strength. The ads are all focused on a different age group, which makes it hard to gauge who reads Salon. The SUV advertisements suggest readers have families and an average income. The liberal cities advertisement indicate that readers are liberal, which is understood. Lastly, the prolia ad suggests that readers are much older than expected. While I’m sure there is an older audience reading, I don’t suspect it to be that much.


Salon is an online-only magazine that focuses on, U.S politics, culture, and current events that are usually reported from a liberal perspective. In addition to editorial, the magazine also has “SalonTV” which has videos on numerous different subjects varying from talents, current news, series, and full episodes. This is different from other magazines because most are sticking on the editorial side of things, but Salon is using its digital capabilities to its fullest potential.


Most of the content that appears in this magazine is current news related and heavily influenced by politics. With that being said, the front page articles are relevant to something happening in the news currently. However, the Life section of the magazine does not have a clear focus. I would expect more lifestyle articles in this section, but instead, it was still heavily influenced by politics with a feature story twist. So, I would say the subtopics of the magazine do not have a clear agenda.


Salon magazine is owned by Salon Media Group and was developed in 1995. Salon Media Group is based out of San Francisco. Salon reaches approximately 20 million visitors monthly. The staff is made up of CEO, CFO, COO, five editors, operations director, art director, two engineers, and finance administration. Salon Media Group is also responsible for SalonTV.


Salon has a similar design to The Atlantic. However, The Atlantic is much more functional and appealing. Salon’s design is very straightforward and not interactive. I think this matches the philosophy and audience wants. Typically, people use the web so things can be easily accessible, Salon succeeds with this. Also, the headlines make it apparent they are left-wing leaning. For example, “Once again, don’t trust Glenn Beck”  and “5 ways men can be feminist”.


Like I mention above, Salon does a good job at utilizing video to tell stories. However, their still images are rather dry and generic. The pictures look like something I can do a Google search for. Good photographs help make a story “clickable”. I think the SalonTV is crucial.  It is a fast way to get news without reading an in depth article on it. Print editions do not provide an interactive experience for their readers.  In addition, it lets you choose how in depth you want to get on the topic with the option of full episodes or five minute clips.

I think Salon could benefit from a website revamp. The different sections are easy to reach with the titles in the header above. The magazine does not seem compatible with every web browser. I initially tried viewing it with Safari, but there was an extreme lag, and the content was not laid out evenly. I moved over to Google Chrome where I had better success in navigating the website. However, on the website, it says it is supported in Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, and Google Chrome. It is also easy to navigate to the social media pages of Salon, with Facebook and Twitter widgets in the header.

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Magazine Analysis 1: GQ


The front cover of GQ magazine makes it clear that it is for men. I would assume the magazine is aimed at men specifically interested in fashion, style, and luxury living. I would think since the magazine advertises high fashion, the average income of the reader is probably someone with a more disposable income. For example, next to the photographs is a description of what the person is wearing and how much it cost. According to the media kit, the magazine has an audience of 18MM across platforms such as print, digital, social, and video. On MRI+, the average audience of GQ is 6,237. It breaks down to 4,605 males and 1,632 females.


Editorial Philosophy

GQ’s mission statement is “From every vantage point, GQ helps men embrace their most stylish lives providing them with the confidence that comes with best-in-class content and service.” The magazine wants to help men by providing them with the best quality materialistic items in fashion and technology. The entire magazine itself focuses on the idea of a desirable life. For example, the February 18 issue has a section called “Get a Room: When the destination is the hotel itself.” The entire section has some of the worlds most beautiful destinations, but instead of boasting on the destination, it focuses on the most lavish hotel to stay in. Typically, when you travel, you’re traveling for the place, not the hotel.


Editorial Formula

There is a wide range of content that appears in the magazine. However, all of the featured material is characteristics of what it means to have a desirable life. Fashion, famous faces, travel, technology and comedy are all covered in the magazine. Towards the front of the magazine, there are more interesting articles, where as towards the end there are smaller stories and more images. The last page is an advertisement.


According to the media kit, each month has a theme. February’s theme is music; this is apparent because they have big names in music such as Khalid, A$AP Ferg, and a Quincy Jones feature. The March issue theme will be, “Big Spring Fashion.”


Condé Nast owns the GQ magazine. Condé Nast owns other magazines such as The New Yorker, Vanity Fair, and VOUGE. In 2011, Condé Nast started a new entertainment division to develop film, television, and premium digital programming. The GQ magazine website has a list of all their editors in alphabetical order; there are a lot.

Advertising/Editorial Ratio

The magazine has a total of 96 pages. I would say a quarter to half of the magazine is made up of advertisements. Even if it isn’t a blatant advertisement, there are still many subliminal advertisements. The ratio would be 1:4 if we were thinking about outright advertisement, if we include all advertisements or mentions of another company then I would say the ration is 1:2. However, there is one advertisement that stood out to me, and that was the huge Truvada ad on the page starting on page 29. This surprised me because HIV is high stigmatized especially within the male community. So to see this made me feel like the magazine may have more inclusive values.


The magazine has a total of 96 pages. I would say a quarter to half of the magazine is made up of advertisements. Even if it isn’t a blatant advertisement, there are still many subliminal advertisements. The ratio would be 1:4 if we were thinking about out right advertisement, if we include all advertisements or mentions of another company then I would say the ration is 1:2. However, there is one advertisement that stood out to me, and that was the huge Truvada ad on the page starting on page 29.


The magazine’s design matches the audience reading the magazine. It is not entirely masculine but has a sleek modern feel to it. For example, the cover is burgundy, black, and grey with the words “Look Sharp + Live Smart” underneath the GQ. Also, the pages are clean and not cluttered with information. For the pieces directly focused on style, the description and price are neatly tucked into the corner of the page. The photography is also very clean and simple.

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1 in 22,449

While Kaiyln Huffaker is 1 in 22,449 at Towson University, she is also 1 in 100,000 who has a rare genetic disorder called Pfeiffer syndrome. She has undergone 5 major surgeries in her life; her first surgery was done by Dr. Ben Carson.


Kaiyln studies for finals after a long day at clinical (Picture by: Alexis Terry|TU Student)

Read more about Kaiyln Huffaker



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Towson University begins construction for a new science facility


The start of the new construction has created detoured walking routes for students on campus. (Photo by: Alexis Terry/ TU Student)

Towson University students brace for more roadblocks on campus with the start of construction on the New Science Complex along York Road. The current science building, Smith Hall has been around for nearly 50 years and cannot withhold the continuous growth of enrollment in Science and Mathematics Studies at Towson. The construction creates numerous inconveniences in students commute to class. Listen to Michael Goodman, as he speaks for many students with the same feeling…






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The Mighty Mare Campaign comes to Towson


Jenna Lewis (left) and Alexa DeAnnuntis (right) at the Mighty Mare tabling event in the University Union. (photo by: Alexis Terry /TU Student)

Mariana McConnine, commonly known as “Mare” is a 19-year-old Deaf Studies Major at Towson University. She has lived her entire life with Cystic Fibrosis, a genetic disorder that mostly affects the lungs. This semester she fell ill and was hospitalized where she learned she needs a lung transplant. However, this won’t be Mare’s first go around. She received a double lung transplant in 2014 due to complications from her Cystic Fibrosis.

Mare’s biggest fear is people treating her as the “sick kid” so most people are not aware of her health condition. It is important for her to build relationships genuine friendship and not sympathy.

Continue reading

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Towson student perseveres through home stress


Natalie stands outside of the Media Center, where she will take most of her classes as a Mass Communication student. (Photo by: Alexis Terry/ TU Student)

Natalie Bland is in her second semester of Freshman year at Towson University. She is studying Journalism and has had numerous internship opportunities in the past year. However, she explains that it has not been an easy year adjusting for her.


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Student choreographs Towson’s Greek Sing

Screen Shot 2017-03-27 at 9.57.53 AM

Gianna shuffles through her memory to decide her choreography. She has learned numerous routines from years of dance. (Photo by: Alexis Terry/TU Student)

Gianna Cirillo, a senior at Towson University, has been given the opportunity to choreograph her sorority’s Greek Sing performance this Spring 2017. Gianna has years of dancing experience and came to Towson to make it a career. She explains that her journey has been stressful, but rewarding at the same time.

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