Is a Twitter account a requirement in the Newsroom?

Some Journalist feel as though Twitter is a burden in their work load.

Magazine editor from Los Angeles, Ann Friedman, writes to tell journalist when and when not to use a Twitter account in an article for the Columbia Journalism Review.

Friedman says, that one might want to “get comfortable with 140-character communication if” they write about media or pop culture. She also tells readers that they may want to stay away from Twitter if they have a secure job at a large print publication and don’t need/want others seeing their work.

Friedman is not sure Twitter will be important to journalist in the future, but advises to start practicing with it now.

I agree with Friedman because we do not know where the future is going to take us as far as media, but if I had to guess, it will be a valuable tool in story telling so we should begin to practice with it now.

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