Artist delivers a controversial performance at Towson

IMG_1254 2

Guillermo Gómez-Peña strips off his vest and mentally prepares to deliver his performance (Photo by: Alexis Terry/ TU Student)

Performance artist Guillermo Gómez-Peña shocked many students at Towson University through radical spoken word pedagogy on February 23. Continue reading

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Photo Field Trip!


I chose this picture because I like the the contrast between the colors. I think they are balanced well. This has good photo composition because it is close up.


I chose this picture because the past fews days were rainy and cloud, but the sun finally decided to peek out. This follows the rule of thirds because if there were a grid overlay, the sun would land on the upper left corner of the grid.


I like this picture of the tiger because it gives a different mood. The head fits perfectly into the rule of thirds and the picture is close up.


I like this picture of the tiger because it has a different dramatic affect. It also shows a lot of detail. The picture has good composition because the flags are in the upper third and the body of the tiger are in the middle third. Also, the bottom third has the plaque which describes why the tiger is there.

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Is a Twitter account a requirement in the Newsroom?

Some Journalist feel as though Twitter is a burden in their work load.

Magazine editor from Los Angeles, Ann Friedman, writes to tell journalist when and when not to use a Twitter account in an article for the Columbia Journalism Review.

Friedman says, that one might want to “get comfortable with 140-character communication if” they write about media or pop culture. She also tells readers that they may want to stay away from Twitter if they have a secure job at a large print publication and don’t need/want others seeing their work.

Friedman is not sure Twitter will be important to journalist in the future, but advises to start practicing with it now.

I agree with Friedman because we do not know where the future is going to take us as far as media, but if I had to guess, it will be a valuable tool in story telling so we should begin to practice with it now.

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About Me:


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I’m Alexis but commonly referred to as “Lex.” I am from Severn, Maryland. It is conveniently located between Baltimore and D.C. I am a Junior here at Towson majoring in Mass Communication with a focus in Journalism and minoring in Women Studies.

I am always curious about the world that I live in. I love traveling and recently completed a month backpacking trip through Europe. I am very into social movements and politics. I also enjoy listening to music, and you can probably find me listening to pretty much any genre of music. I also loving indulging in the latest memes that surface my social media timelines. Lately, I have found a new interest in fashion, but my bank account feels otherwise.

I value many different things in life, but most importantly, the ability to “do.” By that I mean, my family has made it nothing but possible to do anything I want to do in life. They have laid a foundation of opportunity for me, and I am incredibly grateful for that.

I am not completely sure what I want to do in the future but, I want to continue learning every day in every way.



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